Super Sweet Podcast!


Spy Hop has started a new year working with Salt lake County’s Boys & Girls Group Home. This year they are expanding the programming to include some new innovative ideas. Spy Hop mentor Jeremy Chatelain explains:

“This year in our Super Sweet Friday Morning Program we’re diversifying our projects in an attempt to keep kids engaged and broaden the experience for youth working in different digital mediums.

We will be rotating between producing a podcast, in which we will hopefully hear a more personal story from the students as they practice writing, audio engineering and sound design. We will create a “Wacky Fact Friday” stop-motion animation by choosing an outlandish fact and bringing it to life by animating paper characters. And finally we will continue to produce short movies with a moral so the students have a chance to choose a theme, write a script, create characters, film and edit pieces together.

It’s our hope that through producing many different styles of digital media, under the tutelage of Spy Hop mentors, students will begin to get a grasp of the production process and think about the messages they are sending out to the world.”

You can listen to the new podcast here: supersweetpodcast

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