DYS Boys & Girls Group Home Anti-Vaping Video Wins District Wide Contest!



In November, 2016, the Super Sweet Friday Mornings program had the opportunity to enter a short film into the Granite School District anti-vaping campaign contest. Mentors Gabriella Huggins and Jeremy Chatelain sat down with eight youth from the DYS Boys and Girls group home to brainstorm ideas and quickly formulate a piece that could be finished in two hours and be under a minute long.

One of the students immediately suggested that teens are quick and constantly on the move and that the video should be centered around a few characters on skateboards. The production crew took the idea and ran with it.
First, students filmed a live action portion that portrays two youth on skateboards using a “mod”. Another group of students created several stop-motion animation pieces based on 5 facts that were researched about the dangers of vaping. The real centerpiece of the video is footage of a purple puppet explaining each of these dangerous facts. As each of these facets was being filmed or created a few more students were tasked with composing music to score the entire piece and tie it all together.
The finished product was edited together and submitted before 5:00 PM the same day, and, much to everyone’s surprise, won the contest!
The winning video was also featured in a radio piece the following week on KUER.
Here is a link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbS3rXHVkq4

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