The wait is over. Untold Stories Utah 2018 is here. Enjoy!!!

We often do not know our own stories until we take the time to form the raw material of our memories into the beginning-middle-and-end structure of the story. When we own our stories, carefully shaping and honestly declaring to the world and ourselves our truths, we begin to free ourselves from past traumas. New strength can be found in declaring our stories and professing: This is really what happened; this is exactly what I think about it; and this is where I am taking the next chapter of my tale, my life.

1_2LxNdDJy-6HlOZJz0VcGzg.jpgWriting one story cannot heal all the problems of a troubled life, but it can bring structure to a little of the chaos that swirls through the minds of these young travelers. I hope they had fun and maybe a little relief in the telling of their tales, and I hope you, dear reader, will learn something with each story you explore as you journey through this anthology.

-Bonnie Shaw, PhD, Utah YIC Creative Arts Coordinator

Untold Stories 2018

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