UNI Shadow puppet movies

  Girls from the University of Utah UNI Girls Transition Center worked with mentors at Spy Hop Productions to create a series of videos about mistaken identity. Due to the need to protect students confidentiality, participants created paper puppets and used lights, shadow, and fabric to create these intriguing films. Enjoy!

Super Sweet Fridays 2019!

Spy Hop’s partnership with Salt Lake County Youth Services kicked off another year of programming! The Friday morning workshop gives youth from the Boys & Girls group home an opportunity to create funny and weird youtube videos while also giving them room to learn more about the world around them. This partnership is made possible…

ENDGAME Youth In Care Installation

The “End Game” installation is a visual record of work from contributing Youth in Care throughout the state of Utah. Youth chose and decorated chess pieces that resembled three characters in their life (the self, the familiar, and the foreign). Chess pieces are then given color and personality beyond the normally polarized black and white….