ENDGAME Youth In Care Installation

20180305_100416 (1).jpg

The “End Game” installation is a visual record of work from contributing Youth in Care throughout the state of Utah. Youth chose and decorated chess pieces that resembled three characters in their life (the self, the familiar, and the foreign). Chess pieces are then given color and personality beyond the normally polarized black and white.


That age-old game of chess encourages us to be resilient. It reminds us of choice and action during positions of power and glory. We must even recognize choice and action during loss, when others are progressing. We are forced to consider our “end game.”

Viewers will notice the insights of Youth-In-Care on chess boards and are invited to respond to the same questions that they did. It is hoped that responses will not just be black and white.

20180511_180402 (1).jpg

For the last three years, Spy Hop has partnered with Youth Care Arts, a group of educators, artists and therapists from throughout Utah to produce a unique art installation using work created by youth in state’s custody.


The purpose of these art installations is to give youth an opportunity to voice their hopes, dreams and struggles as well as educate the public about what these young people go through. 20180511_180342 (1).jpg

20180511_180325 (1).jpg

Every year the art installation is showcased in North SanPete as well as the Promising Youth Conference at Snowbird.

20180331_162739 (1).jpg

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